Semi-Precious and Precious Stones:

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Precious Stones:

We currently carry:

Aquamarine Emerald Opal
Ruby Sapphire Tourmaline

Semi-precious stones:

We have a wide array of semi-precious stone and mineral beads, from rounds to rondelles to briolettes, and many, many more.

We currently have in stock:

African Opal Amazonite Amethyst Apatite Black Onyx
Bloodstone Blue Goldstone Carnelian Charoite Citrine
Chryscolla Chrysoprase Coral Fancy Jasper Flourite
Freshwater Pearl Garnet Goldstone Hematite Herkimer Diamond
Howlite Iolite Jade Kyanite Labradorite
Lepidolite Mother of Pearl Malachite Moonstone Moss Agate
Ocean Jasper Petrified Wood Peridot Prehenite Quartz
Rhodochrosite Rhodonite Rhyolite Rose Quartz Ruby Zoisite
Sardonyx Silver Leaf Jasper Snowflake Obsidian Smokey Quartz Sodalite
Spectralite Sugilite Red Jasper Red Tiger Eye Tiger Eye
Turquoise Vesuvianite

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