New Czech glass beads are here for the summer!

New Czech glass beads are here and ready to be made into some fabulous jewelry for the summer! We have all sorts of new colors, shapes and finishes and I can’t really decide which ones are my favorite. Can all of them be my favorite?

IMG_1839It’s hard to choose which ones I like best, but there are a few standouts, in my opinion. For example:

IMG_1840How about some pressed glass Trilobites? I just love these little guys, so much that I also got them in black with turquoise accents. I think I need a pair of these in some earrings. I’m also in love with these:

IMG_1841Red and black is always a classically great color combo, plus to me these look like poppies. There are also some new and exciting color combos going on:

IMG_1842I adore these brown and turquoise beads! The colors are so striking together, and the pattern looks very vintage-y to me. An added bonus: they go great with the metallic gold/bronze english cut beads that are also in the photo! However, if the summer heat has you feeling lethargic and uninspired, you can always go with these beauties here:

IMG_1844Premixed rondelle strands! In the most summery of hues 🙂 Mix them with turquoise or keep it simple with just small silver or gold beads. Either way you can’t go wrong! So these are my current favorites, which one will be yours? Come on in and find out!



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