Fall Hill Bead and Gem


Czech Glass:  The finest glass beads in the world come from Czechoslovakia, where they have been produced since Roman times. We carry an extensive collection of Czech glass beads in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes.  We also have a collection of vintage Czech crystal.

Chinese Glass: We stock a selection of Chinese glass, including Foil beads and pendants, pressed glass and glass animal beads.

Vintage Glass: We carry a selection of high quality vintage beads, including Occupied Japan Glass, German Glass, Czech glass, West German Lucite, African and North American Trade Beads. We also have a collection of  vintage hand-cut glass buttons that are too cool to not mention!

Swarovski and Preciosa Crystals

Swarovski Crystal: The Swarovski company has been producing  what is considered to be the world’s finest leaded crystal since the late 1800’s. Daniel Swarovski developed the first machine to precision-cut crystal in 1892, and his crystal products have been sought after by refined collectors ever since! Today, the Swarovski company also produces beautiful crystal beads in a variety of shapes and sizes that will add a subtle (or over the top!) sparkle to any project. Call for our current stock.

Czech “Preciosa” Crystal: The Preciosa company was formed in 1915 in Czechoslovakia, and has produced high quality cut leaded crystal ever since. Recently, they began to produce an extensive and beautiful collection of cut crystal beads. We are currently building our stock, and have 6mm and 8mm bicones in a variety of colors.