Sedona Herkimer Diamond Pendants

These are Herkimer Diamonds from Herkimer County New York that travelled with us to Sedona Arizona, to get charged up at one of the mystic energy vortexes that exist outside of the town. We hiked to the top of the Boynton Canyon Vortex, and placed these crystals on the red rocks at the center of the vortex. Here is a little more info on the Boynton Canyon energy, which is a masculine/feminine balance:

The Balance between the masculine and feminine side is almost as important as growth itself. Even a less evolved person, if he is balanced, at least treats others the same way he treats himself. And that is what balance is all about. If the masculine side strongly outweighs the feminine, you are too strong for the amount of goodness you have, and you tend to do harm to others because you can be pushy and take unfair advantage of others. On the other hand, if the feminine side greatly outweighs the masculine, you have more goodness than strength, and you tend to let others push you around and take advantage of you. Emotions are a good indication of this balance. If you feel anger more easily than fear, your masculine side is stronger, and if the opposite is true, your feminine side is stronger. Having a good masculine/feminine balance also helps relationships by strengthening the things that make relationships work well, such as intimacy, commitment, honesty and openness.

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