Herkimer Diamond Stretch Bracelet – Carnelian


Carnelian and Herkimer Diamond bracelet. 7 1/2″, elastic.

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Herkimer Diamond stretch bracelet

This gemstone stretch bracelet is perfect to wear alone, or in a stack with other bracelets.

A water clear and brilliant Herkimer Diamond crystal is surrounded by sparkling brown Goldstone.

This bracelet measures approximately 7 1/2″, and stretches to fit over the hand.

*About Carnelian*

Carnelian is a stone of balance and helps to quell anger and enhance concentration.

Carrying a piece of Carnelian helps you to speak your “true voice.”

It is a stone for helping to focus on the tasks at hand.

It is a 7 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale, and is associated with the Root chakra. Carnelian is primarily found in South America.

*About Herkimer Diamonds*

True Herkimer Diamonds are only found in Herkimer County, New York.
These amazing quartz crystals formed over 500 million years ago in the Mohawk Valley, perhaps as a result of an ancient sea die-off.
Originally known as “Little Falls Diamonds” in the mineralogical community, these crystals grow in pockets within the Little Falls Dolostone that forms our valley.

Because each stone has 18 natural faces, it appears to be faceted.

Some stones also have black inclusions of anthraxolite, leftovers of ancient material that formed these unique crystals.

Herkimer Diamonds formed slowly over time, which gives them their amazing clarity and brilliance. Even heavily included crystals shine brighter than any of the other quartz in the world!

Herkimer Diamonds pack a metaphysical punch! They are amplifiers, turning up the energy put into and around them.

They are also attunement stones, stimulating psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and spiritual vision and clearing chakras and opening channels for energy to flow freely. Connect with a distant friend/lover by using a pair of Herkimer Diamonds. Each person keeps one, connecting energies across the miles.

Herkimer Diamond quartz crystals are geopathic stress blockers, shielding the bearer from electromagnetic pollution. For this reason, they are a fantastic crystal to place near you computer, at home and at work!