Kammererite Stone


Tumbled Kammererite gemstone from Scandinavia.

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* One piece of highly charged Kammererite stone*

Kammererite is Robert Simmons’ Stone of the Year. These are large grade AA pieces with lots of beautiful purples, grey and white. Kammererite is a very rare mineral from Scandinavia which is highly sought after as a healing stone. We have very limited stock available, you will receive ONE genuine Kammererite in a random pick.


*Kammererite is a Master Healing stone, it is a powerful tool for detoxing and releasing energy blockages from all chakras.

They offer immense healing in the release of negative emotions, and usher in a deep meditative state.

They bring harmony and balance to the brain, uniting the rational brain with the creative brain.

Kammererite activates the third eye chakra, as well as higher etheric chakras (soul star chakra.)

For those working on developing psychic gifts/clairvoyance, this is your stone!*