Peach Moonstone and Herkimer Diamond Bracelet


Peach Moonstone and Herkimer Diamond bracelet. One of a kind.

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Softly glowing Peach Moonstone is paired with sterling silver and a Herkimer Diamond centerpiece.

Approximately 7″ long with an extender chain.

This bracelet is one of a kind. You will receive the exact Herkimer Diamond bracelet in the photos.

*About Peach Moonstone*
Peach Moonstone is useful in promoting fertility, it is a very powerful stone for conception.
Moonstone soothes emotional issues such as depression or anger.
It is a stone for intuition, light and love. It supports the heart, soothing worry and anxiety, bringing out the best in people.
It supports the reproductive and digestive systems, and is associated with women and feminine mysteries.
 It is a 6.5 on the Moh’s scale, and is found primarily in India.