Emerald Crystal – Ethiopian Emerald


Genuine double terminated Ethiopian emerald crystal

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One natural Ethiopian Emerald crystal

This is a double terminated natural Ethiopian emerald crystal. It is a bright saturated green high grade stone, transparent to translucent with no dyes or heat treatment.

This 4.85 carat ethical stone was purchased directly from the miner

Very limited stock! You will receive the exact stone in the photos.


About Emeralds: Emeralds are thought to bring love, loyalty and wisdom into one’s life. It encourageS bonding between two people, and can help to strengthen communication. Traditionally, emeralds are thought to bring prosperity to the bearer.

They are an 8 on the Moh’s Hardness scale, and are found in several locations in the world, including Brazil, Columbia, Canada, South Africa and the USA. These particular crystals come miner-direct from Ethiopia.