Raw Herkimer Diamond Ring


Raw Herkimer Diamond sterling silver ring, handmade in our studio in Little Falls, New York. Size 7

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* Handmade Herkimer Diamond ring*

This beautiful sterling silver ring features a genuine Herkimer Diamond crystal, showcased with a heavy sterling silver band. The stone measures approximately 9mm by 7mm, and the ring size is US 7. This ring is made in our studio in Little Falls, NY by Adam.

True Herkimer Diamonds only come from New York state. The Herkimer Diamond crystals formed approximately 500 MILLION YEARS AGO, making it among the oldest of the quartz crystals.

Each stone has 18 natural faces giving it the appearance of being faceted. Some stones also have black inclusions of anthraxolite, leftovers of some of the ancient material that formed Herkimer Diamonds. Herkimer Diamonds formed slowly over time, giving them their amazing clarity and brilliance. Even heavily included crystals shine brighter than any other quartz in the world!

Metaphysically, these stones pack a real punch! Due to the geometric nature and the double terminated points, Herkimers are amplifiers. They will also amplify the energy of other gemstones they are paired with.

The crystals stimulate psychic abilities, and also clairvoyance and spiritual vision. Herkimers are good for clearing chakras and opening channels for energy to flow freely.

A pair of Herkimer Diamond crystals are used to connect people to each other and links their energies when they have to be apart.

Herkimer Diamond quartz crystals are geopathic stress blockers, shielding you from electromagnetic pollution. For this reason, they are a fantastic crystal to place near your computer, at home and at work!

The archaic nature of Herkimer Diamonds make them powerful tool for accessing past life information, and many stones bear the mark of a “record keeper” crystal. They are used to access past life information, and aid with removing spiritual energy blockages.

Herkimer Diamonds are a variety of quartz, and are a 7-7.5 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale. They are ONLY found in New York state. Many double terminated crystals are termed Herkimer Diamonds, but unless they are GENUINE and from New York, you are only receiving a watered down version of a true Herkimer. Accept no substitutes!


About us:
Fall Hill Bead and Gem opened in 2008 in Little Falls NY, the heart of Herkimer Diamond country! We are a full service bead and gem shop, and work with a variety of artists and miners to bring you the finest Herkimer Diamond Specimens and Herkimer Diamond Jewelry the Mohawk Valley has to offer! Visit our website for more information, or come and see us at our brick and mortar location at Fall Hill Bead and Gem, 32 West Main Street, Little Falls NY 13365.