Tibetan Quartz Cage Pendant


Sterling silver cage pendant, handcrafted in our studio by Kim.

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This pendant features a natural Tibetan Quartz crystal from the Himalayan Mountains. This naturally double terminated black quartz crystal is captured inside a handmade sterling silver cage, crafted by Kim in our studio in Little Falls, NY. The pendant measures approximately1 3/4″ and is knotted onto a 36″ piece of black deerskin leather. Black satin cord can be substituted upon request. The Tibetan Quartz¬†is natural and completely untreated. A one of a kind creation from the silver bench at Fall Hill Bead and Gem!


About Tibetan (Himalayan) Quartz: These amazing and powerful crystals are mined in the sacred Himalayan Mountains. The mines are not easily accessed by machinery so they are mined primarily by hand, and sometimes by the monks themselves! They carry a wise and ancient energy, and are highly protective. They dispel negative energy and create a field of protection around the user. They also aid in balancing the chakras. They are found only in the high altitudes of the Himalayan Mountains, and have a hardness of 7.


About us:
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