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Lepidolite - Tumbled Lepidolite


Lepidolite – Tumbled Lepidolite


Tumbled Lepidolite from Brazil

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*ONE* small/medium sized piece of high grade purple Lepidolite.

These stones are tumbled to as high polish, and are a pinkish lavender with silvery flecks of mica throughout.

These stones are fairly round, and are a nice size for wire wrapping.

You will receive one single stone in a random pick. A nice shade of purple to add to your palate!

*About Lepidolite*
Lepidolite is actually crystalized lithium, in its most natural form.

It is known as a “stone of transition”, and it helps to restructure or shift old energy patterns.

A powerful stone for calming anxiety, it helps with reducing stress associated with change.

Carrying a piece of Lepidolite can also help with depression.

This is an excellent stone for empaths, filtering out negativity

It is a relatively soft stone, a 2.5 on the Moh’s scale. It is found primarily in Africa and Brazil.

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